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Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury may be caused by a severe blow to the head or any other type of traumatic injury to the head or body. The damage sustained by a brain injury varies, but several factors can decide how serious the injury is to a person's health:
  • The damage may be limited to a small area around the impact point if a few brain cells are damaged.
  • Severe rotational jolt can cause the cellular structure of the brain to tear.
  • A severe blow can cause multiple points of damage because the brain can move around in the skull due to the force
  • A blast from an explosive device can often cause damage around the whole brain and damage wide areas of it.
  • If an object penetrates the skull it is often fatal. The effects are irreplaceable damage to the brain cells and protective tissues that surround the brain.
  • Bleeding in the brain can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain and cause wider damage.

What Causes Brain Injury?

There are several common accidents that can lead to traumatic brain injury. A slip-and-fall accident in which the victim lands on his or her head is one of the most common causes of brain injury. Vehicle collisions also cause a high number of brain injuries, as the severe force of a car or bike crash can violently jolt the brain around the skull. Contact sports such as football have a high impact rate and leave many players with traumatic brain injuries later in life. Finally, another common cause is combat injuries. Soldiers often have to deal with explosive blasts and constant loud gunfire, and these concussive injuries are being seen more often than ever in soldiers returning from war. Although not much is known about the mechanisms of the damage, some researchers believe that the pressure of the shockwave disrupts the brain functions.

Who Suffers From Brain Injury?

Young people between the ages of 0-24 and the elderly are most at risk of suffering from traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can often leave you in a coma or vegetative state and seriously alter your life. You may suffer from fluid build-up or infections. Your intelligence may suffer and you may develop behavioral problems. You are also more likely to develop a degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia later in life if you suffer a TBI.

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