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Helping Victims of Negligence

If you were injured and someone else (a person or company) caused your injuries through neglect, wrongdoing, or intentional conduct, you may be able to hold that party accountable. This is done in civil court, through a personal injury case. With this type of case, the person who caused you harm can be held responsible for paying compensatory damages (typically paid through their applicable insurance provider) to help you rebuild your life.

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Comparative Negligence in Nevada

Personal injury laws offer victims of negligence the opportunity to pursue financial compensation for the injuries they have experienced. An example may be a pedestrian struck by a driver who runs a red light, hitting the pedestrian in a crosswalk. This may be a clear-cut case of negligence solely on the shoulders of the driver, but what if the pedestrian was crossing in the middle of a street or at an unmarked intersection? In Nevada, comparative negligence applies in personal injury actions.

Comparative negligence, or shared fault, allows liability for an injury to be shared proportionately between interested parties according to fault. In the example above, if the pedestrian was found to be 10% at fault, the driver would be responsible for 90% of the settlement or award and the pedestrian would be responsible for the other 10%. If the pedestrian was more than 50% responsible, he or she would not be entitled to compensation from the driver.

Key Elements of a Personal Injury Case

As Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, our goal is to prove the key elements of a case. We must prove:

  • The defendant (the party you are bringing a claim against) had a duty to act with reasonable care in the circumstances.
  • The defendant breached this duty.
  • You (the plaintiff) were injured.
  • The defendant’s breach of duty was the proximate cause of your injuries.

We must also prove that you suffered injuries significant enough to warrant the payment of compensation. Medical bills and lost earnings are examples of losses that can be quantified. We can also work to recover compensation for non-economic damages, like pain and suffering or emotional trauma.

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