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Unexplained Weight Loss in a Nursing Home Resident Could Signify Trouble

There are many different ways that someone can be mistreated while living in an assisted living facility, and there are also warning signs that tend to appear when someone is suffering from such an experience. Below is a brief overview of one of those warning signs - unexplained weight loss. Anyone who suspects that a loved one is being mistreated while living in an assisted living center needs to obtain the legal help of an experienced Las Vegas lawyer as soon as possible.

Weight Loss Due to Poor Medical Care

It should be noted that it is not completely uncommon for people to lose weight after moving into an assisted living facility, as they will likely not have the same access to sweets and perhaps alcohol that they had in the past. However, a sudden drop in weight loss should also have an easy explanation. When someone in this position suddenly loses weight and there is not a good explanation, it could be the sign of an undiagnosed illness that is not being identified because of a substandard level of medical care that exists at that facility. Clearly, these illnesses can progress to the point where a resident's life is put in danger.

Weight Loss Due to Malnutrition

Nevada nursing home regulations require that these facilities provide their residents with a diet that contains the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, some facilities will look to cut corners and costs and they will do so by way of the food that they serve. Family members should watch for this possibility if a resident does not appear ill but instead appears weak and agitated. This could be a sign of malnutrition.

Weight Loss Due to Overt Abuse

Of course, when a nursing home resident suddenly begins to lose weight, it could also be a sign of overt abuse on the part of the staff. There have been cases where staffs have refused to feed residents or they have only allowed them to eat if the residents provided some other form of consideration. This is clearly the worst-case scenario with regards to this problem, but it is something that will happen from time to time.

Suspect Neglect or Abuse?

If you suspect that a loved one is not being treated properly while living in an assisted living center, you need to take action by seeking the help of Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorneys who have been fighting for the rights of those harmed for many years.

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