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Common Injuries Suffered in Nevada Car Accidents

Car accidentAccording to statistics kept by the State of Nevada, approximately 2,500 people are injured in Nevada car accidents every year and nearly 300 people are killed. These numbers have come down a bit in recent years, but the fact of the matter remains that too many people are left to suffer because of the negligent or reckless actions of other motorists. Unfortunately, too many people are unsure of what their legal rights and options may be after a crash, and as a result, too many otherwise valid legal claims are not properly pursued, and those who are injured are left to deal with their own losses.

As one might expect, a car accident can cause all types of serious injuries. Below you will find a brief overview of common types of injuries that people are forced to endure as a result of these crashes. If you've been wrongfully injured by the faulty driving of someone else, you should obtain the help of an experienced Las Vegas accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most vulnerable portions of the body to injury is a person's head and brain. Even though the brain is protected by a bony skull, people can suffer traumatic brain injuries because of the rattling of the brain inside of that skull. Given the physical forces at work with any car accident, these injuries are quite common. People who suffer traumatic brain injuries often face a difficult recovery process and may suffer the consequences of their injury for the rest of their lives.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Aside from the brain, perhaps the part of the body that is most vulnerable to serious harm is the spinal cord. Once again, this nerve center is protected by a bony structure, but the back can be and often is exposed to direct trauma when two vehicles collide. Clearly, anyone who suffers a spinal cord injury could face years if not a lifetime of challenges that include total or partial paralysis.

Severed Limbs

When two vehicles collide, this process involves two metal structures that can weigh over a thousand pounds each smashing into each other at very high speeds. As such, metal will buckle, glass will fly, and the structure of the vehicle may bend and fold in unpredictable ways. Given this dangerous reality, people can and often do lose limbs as all of this happens. This type of injury forces the victim to re-adapt to life without the use of a limb. This type of catastrophic injury can result in enormous medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering, among many other losses that may continue to pile up over time.

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