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Horrifying Multiple-Fatality Crash a Reminder of What Motorists Can Control

Last weekend, five people were killed when an alleged drunk driver rammed their van from behind, sending that van into a wild tailspin that ejected several people from the vehicle. The driver of the truck that allegedly rear-ended the van was arrested and had his bail set at $3.5 million. The case is truly a tragedy and it's one that, if any good at all can come from it, will serve as a reminder to everyone else as to what is and is not within their realms of control when they get behind the wheels of vehicles. The crash occurred on a highway about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas, and one of the first things that people should take from this tragedy is that you should always, no matter what, fasten your seatbelts. The people who were ejected from the van reportedly were not wearing them, and the driver of the van who survived the crash was. Too many people either refuse to wear a seatbelt or they simply forget to do so, and too many of them pay with their lives when a drunk driver comes along. Another reminder of what motorists can and cannot control involves their own alcohol consumption. Even if someone has not been drinking before driving, that person should not assume that he or she is safe simply because of that fact. Other people can be out driving around after having consumed alcohol, and this unfortunate reality places everyone who happens to be near such a person at the time in a position of extreme danger. People who are driving on public roads should also remember that drunk driving accidents can occur at any time of day and on any day of the week. These crashes are not limited to Friday and Saturday nights and early on Sunday mornings. People live on different schedules and have different problems that could lead them to make this terrible mistake at any time. One should never assume that because it's a certain time of day that everyone on the road is sober at the time. Finally, people should remember that they can control what they do after they are injured in a crash that was caused by a drunk driver. While the majority of these crashes lead to arrests, that doesn't preclude people who have been injured in such circumstances from contacting Las Vegas injury lawyers to explore their legal options. People who are injured by drunk drivers often incur losses that are difficult if not impossible to overcome when they are forced to deal with costs that include medical bills, lost income and other types of losses that simply must be paid by someone. That's why people in this position are allowed to file lawsuits against those responsible for the harm that was done. If you or someone you love has been injured or worse by a drunk driver, contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.