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The Real Story Behind Multiple Lawsuits Against Vegas Hospital

By the time an individual reaches the point of filing a lawsuit, there is often a backstory that involves complicated problems and communications between the parties. While many people see only the outcome of a lawsuit, the parties and the attorneys involved know that the story is much more layered than it may at first appear. According to a recent report, a respiratory therapist filed a personal injury lawsuit against an area hospital for exposure to tuberculosis. He is one of seven people suing the hospital for exposure to respiratory illnesses. Although none of them have tested positive at this point, they claim that they could still have contracted illnesses that will not appear for many months or years. However, these lawsuits only tell a portion of the story that encompasses possible wrongful death of a mother and twins as well as wrongful termination of hospital personnel who complained about safety issues. The Tragic Deaths That Sparked the Lawsuit The current lawsuit alleges emotional distress from fear of contracting TB and the possibility of other damages in the future. However, the events that culminated in the suit were tragic in their own right and show how quickly medical malpractice can result in serious complications and death for innocent victims. A 25-year-old woman died at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after she was transferred there without diagnosis but in failing health. Her autopsy revealed the presence of tuberculosis, a potentially deadly lung disease. The woman had been admitted to the Las Vegas hospital two months earlier and given birth to premature daughters. She was never tested for TB, although she returned to the hospital several times for treatment. She was allowed to visit the babies in the neonatal unit without protective gear, even though she was running a fever. This may have led to the infection and eventual death of both infants. After the deaths, more than 400 people were tested for tuberculosis. However, the plaintiffs claim that the testing came much too late to protect anyone, and two of them also claim that they were fired due to their questioning of the hospital's safety practices. A personal injury attorney may represent the family of a wrongful death victim or someone who has sustained physical or emotional injuries. Bernstein & Poisson is ready to help victims and their families who have been traumatized by a hospital's lack of safety or care.