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When Dogs Bite: The Ugly Reality of Man's Best Friend

Dog bites are devastating injuries. When a dog bites, the case often involves much more than the physical reality of the bite itself. It can also mean dissension between friends, neighbors or even family members as tempers flare over who is at fault and what remedies should be applied. People love their dogs, and when a dog bites a person, the owner may not want to face the fact that the animal has misbehaved and harmed someone else. However, the owner's refusal to face reality does not negate the fact that the victim is suffering pain and trauma and may also be facing significant medicals bills or other expenses. A dog bite attorney may be able to help the victim recover damages such as payment of medical expenses and sums for pain and suffering. Even more important is the dog bite attorney's role as a go-between for friends and family in this difficult type of case. A dog bite attorney can take the burden of handling the matter off the shoulders of the victim and help the process flow more smoothly for everyone. How Big Is The Dog Bite Problem? Dog bites are very common in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year; half of the victims are children. About 20 percent of these dog bites are serious enough to require emergency medical treatment and possible admission to the hospital. About 27,000 people need reconstructive surgery every year due to dog bites. Clearly, dog bites are a significant issue, and this problem is compounded when owners and victims do not see eye-to-eye on the owner's role in preventing these attacks. According to a recent news story, two children were attacked in Las Vegas by large dogs in their neighborhood after the dogs escaped confinement. According to most accounts, the children were simply walking in the neighborhood when suddenly they were attacked by these large, fierce dogs. Both children were rushed to a local hospital and one was listed in serious condition. Both children may require extensive medical treatment and have suffered pain and terror as a result of these attacks. Dog bites can happen in a moment and can change someone's life forever with no warning at all. What Should I Do If I Am Bitten By A Dog? The first thing to do when bitten by a dog is to seek immediate medical treatment, even if you do not believe the bite to be serious. Next, talk to a dog bite attorney. Bernstein & Poisson is ready to work with you to help you recover damages in your dog bite case.