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Super Bowl Weekend Passes with No Local DUI Accident Fatalities

Most people understand that there are certain weekends in Las Vegas that are more festive than others, and one of those weekends is Super Bowl weekend. People who either cannot go to the game or who prefer to celebrate the game and all that Las Vegas has to offer converge on the city on the first weekend in February.

This year was no different, as early estimates indicate that the number of visitors was consistent with other years. In addition, law enforcement was ready with DUI checkpoints and other stepped-up efforts to find drunk drivers and arrest them.

Fortunately, there were no fatal DUI accidents that occurred in Las Vegas over Super Bowl weekend, and while there were dozens of arrests for suspicion of DUI and related charges, this has to be considered good news for those who were out on the roads.

Many people are still injured in these crashes, however, and many who were harmed while here visiting are not aware of their legal rights. Below is a brief overview of those legal rights, and anyone who faces this situation needs to obtain the help of a Las Vegas lawyer as soon as possible.

Understanding Your Rights to Compensation

Despite the fact that Super Bowl weekend was a relatively safe one in terms of drunk drivers, these crashes occur by the thousands in the city every year. When they do, people who are injured are often unaware of their personal legal rights because most of the time when someone causes this type of a crash and injuries are involved that drunk driver will be arrested and ultimately prosecuted.

As a result, too many people assume that they have no other options for recourse. However, people who do obtain the proper legal advice are often advised that despite the fact that a criminal prosecution is taking place, they can still respond by filing a Nevada personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver.

If these lawsuits are filed and successful, they can lead to awards of damages that compensate plaintiffs for losses that include medical costs, pain and suffering, lost income, and other items. These losses can include not only those that have already been realized, but also those that will be incurred in the future.

You Need Experienced Legal Counsel

However, making sure that these legal claims are successful is no small matter. That's because these claims need to be filed and they need to progress at the same time that a criminal prosecution is occurring, which means that those handling these cases need to have the legal skill and experience necessary to see these cases through to completion. If you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver, you need to seek the help of Las Vegas lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of clients for many years. Contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.