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2013 Named the Year of Elder Abuse Prevention

Recently, the Administration on Aging, which is an agency within the Administration for Community Living has announced that it will serve as the sponsor for the Year of Elder Abuse Prevention. Below you will find a brief overview of what this effort could entail as well as information regarding certain statistics that relate to elder abuse in the United States. Anyone who suspects that a loved one is being mistreated in this manner needs to obtain the help of Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers as soon as possible.

The Year of Elder Abuse Prevention – A Brief Introduction

The Administration on Aging is taking several steps to help promote this effort, but obviously the biggest push is coming in the way of awareness. The agency has published several different informational packets that are available online and that will be handed out at locations across the United States during the year 2013. These informational packets will help people to recognize the signs of elder abuse and they will provide them with some insight regarding how they should proceed if they suspect that such conduct is occurring.

Elder Abuse Statistics in the United States

There are many reasons that this effort is being made, but most of them simply concern the statistics that relate to elder abuse in the United States. Most estimates indicate that as many as 2.1 million elderly people are victims of abuse, neglect or some form of exploitation every year across the country. What’s perhaps even more troubling is that many of these same estimates indicate that for every one case of elder abuse that is reported, approximately five others are not.

Elder Abuse and Las Vegas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

While there are licensing authorities and law enforcement agencies that can and in many cases should be contacted when an elderly person is mistreated, many people are unaware of where to start with this process. Fortunately, Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers can help family members move this troubling situation in a positive direction by helping them contact the right people. If you or someone you love is being mistreated in this manner, you need to seek the help of attorneys who have been fighting to restore the safety and dignity of clients for many years. Contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.