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Bed Sores and Why They Are a Clear Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

There are many different signs of mistreatment that can arise when someone is living in an assisted living center, and one of the telltale signs of neglect or even abuse in certain situations is the appearance of bed sores. Below you will find a brief overview of what bed sores are all about, how they develop and what action should be taken in response to their appearance. Anyone who has been mistreated in this setting needs to obtain the help of Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers as soon as possible.

Bed Sores - A Brief Introduction

Bed sores are often referred to by different names that include pressure sores and pressure ulcers. These sores are basically serious injuries to the skin and the underlying tissue that's been exposed to constant and long-term pressure on one particular spot. These sores usually develop over areas that cover bones, and there are varying degrees of bed sores that can develop. Some bed sores will heal over time if they are not extremely severe, but even this healing process can take months. Other sores are so severe that they basically eat away the skin and underlying tissue. There is little if anything that can be done at this point, and it should also be noted that any type of bed sore is extremely painful for a patient.

Bed Sores and Neglect

Given the way that bed sores develop, their appearance on a resident of an assisted living center can only mean that they are not being treated properly. It takes weeks or even months for these sores to develop in some patients, and all it takes to prevent them is a regular schedule of moving people to a different position at regular intervals so that the same area of the skin is not being pressured by the underlying ground or bed. As such, people who find themselves suffering from bed sores need to take legal action to protect their rights. If you or someone you love is suffering from bed sores as a result of mistreatment by assisted living facility staff, you need to seek the help of Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers who have been fighting for the rights and dignity of clients for many years. Contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.