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Two People Killed in Wrong-Way Crash Near Carson City

There are countless mistakes that drivers can make when they are on the road. There are some that are obviously more common than others, such as not using a turn signal, moving into the path of someone else or failing to yield the right-of-way. Over the years, we tend to get used to these mistakes to an extent and most importantly we learn to anticipate them before they are made. Many of us have successfully avoided serious car accidents several times because we saw a mistake from someone else coming and we did something about it before it was too late. Unfortunately, there are certain mistakes that drivers will make that few if any people would ever see coming. For instance, when we are driving down a highway, the last thing we would ever expect to see is a vehicle coming directly at us in our lane of traffic. However, that can and does happen from time to time and as most people would expect these terrible mistakes often lead to equally terrible car accidents, injuries and fatalities. Sadly, that's what happened recently on a highway near Carson City. On Sunday morning at approximately 3:30 a.m., an unidentified driver was moving in a westbound direction on U.S. Highway 50 just east of Carson City. At that point, a vehicle that was being driven by an unidentified 34-year-old male was moving in an eastbound direction in the westbound lanes. The two vehicles collided at a high rate of speed, and the driver who was moving in the proper direction as well as a passenger of the wrong-way driver were killed. The wrong-way driver survived and he is currently in the hospital. As many likely thought when they saw what time the accident occurred, police do suspect that alcohol could have been a factor, but the investigation has not yet been completed. What is known is that this accident will now become part of the overall statistics regarding Nevada car accidents. Every year, thousands of people are injured and nearly 300 people are killed as a result of these crashes. Approximately 30 percent of fatal crashes list alcohol as a factor. It seems quite possible that the man who was driving in the wrong direction on the highway could face serious criminal charges depending on what the investigation reveals. He could also face Nevada wrongful death lawsuits if the families of the two people who were killed in this crash decide to take that step. If they do file lawsuits and they are ultimately successful, they could lead to awards of damages that compensate the families for their losses. If you have lost someone you love in a crash that was caused by a negligent or a reckless driver, you need to take action to protect your legal rights. The Las Vegas accident lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson have been helping clients in this position for 30 years. Contact the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.