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Another Fatal Las Vegas Hit-and-Run Accident Reveals Extent of the Problem

car-accident5If you are out driving in Las Vegas and you are hit and injured by a negligent driver, you would likely expect to have that driver remain on the scene so that the appropriate information can be exchanged, so that the police and rescue personnel can do their jobs and so that the accident scene can be cleared properly. Not only would you expect the other driver to remain on the scene, but it's also the law in Nevada, and people who flee the scene of an accident are committing a crime that can be severe in nature if someone is badly injured or worse. There is another reason that someone who is involved in an accident is expected to remain on the scene after the crash - so that you can obtain that person's information in case you decide that you need to pursue legal remedies in order to recover damages that could compensate you for your losses. If the other person flees, then you will have a hard time taking this step. You may be left with no other choice but to pursue a recovery from your own insurance company, and that would not be an easy thing to accomplish. Recently, there was another fatal Las Vegas hit-and-run accident, and this crash took the life of a pedestrian. The family of the person who was killed is certainly distraught and overcome with shock and grief right now, but they will have a difficult time pursuing a recovery against the driver once they are able to gather themselves and decide what to do. Hopefully, the person who killed this pedestrian will soon be identified and arrested, as that will provide the surviving family members with the opportunity that they deserve. This recent crash should help bring to light the actual scope of this problem. More than 600 Nevada hit-and-run accidents take place every year, and these crashes lead to more than 200 injuries and to nearly 10 fatalities. That's more than 50 hit-and-run crashes per month, nearly 4 injuries per week and one death every couple of months. All of these incidents leave the people who have suffered wondering how they will ever be able to obtain justice. While there are no official and specific statistics available, people who have been harmed in hit-and-run crashes should feel some reassurance that most law enforcement personnel believe that more hit-and-run drivers are ultimately caught than not. At that point, those drivers will likely face serious criminal charges, but the people who they have harmed could also file Nevada personal injury lawsuits that will provide them with the opportunity they deserve to recover damages. If you or someone you love has been injured in this type of a crash, you need to do whatever you can to hold onto your hope that the situation will turn out as well as possible. Contact the Las Vegas injury lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.