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Be Wary of Drunk Drivers in Las Vegas During Opening Weekend of NCAA Tournament

dui-accident-lawyersThere are certain times of year when people tend to flock to Las Vegas from all over the United States, and many of them occur in March. Spring break and St. Patrick's Day are occasions where many people put Las Vegas at the top of their destination lists, but the opening weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament is a bigger attraction than anything that takes place at this point in the year. There are many reasons that make this place an obvious choice for travelers. Obviously, the main reason that people come to Las Vegas this weekend is because they can watch all of the games at one of the famous sports books and they can legally gamble on them. That's quite an experience for people who live in places where this is simply not possible. After the games are over for the day, people can take in all that the city has to offer in terms of nightlife, and foodies are drawn to many of the world-famous restaurants that are located here. Unfortunately, all of the partying and reveling around the city is going to create some danger on the roads as well. As is their usual practice, the law enforcement community has announced that it will be paying special attention to motorists in an attempt to identify drunk drivers and to arrest them as quickly as possible. However, the unavoidable reality is that police officers cannot be everywhere all the time, and there will be people who make the terrible decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Whether you live here or you'll be visiting here this weekend, you need to make some choices that will help minimize the chance that you will be involved in a Las Vegas DUI accident. The most obvious choice is to avoid becoming a part of the problem yourself by not driving if you've been drinking. However, you can also take precautions that will help to limit your exposure to others who may not be acting in a responsible manner. For instance, there is a lot to do in condensed areas in the city, so perhaps you could choose to spend the day in a location that is near a hotel where you're staying and not venture far from it. You should still be able to do everything you want to do and you won't need to drive yourself. Staying off the roads will obviously lower the probability that you'll encounter drunk drivers. You should also keep your eyes open for drivers who may have been drinking and alert the authorities. If you are unfortunately involved in an accident that is caused by a drunk driver and you are injured, you should not only make sure the police are involved but you should also contact Las Vegas injury lawyers as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation. The team at Bernstein & Poisson would like to wish you the best on what will hopefully be a weekend of fun as March Madness arrives.