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Dog Bite Injuries Not Always the Result of a Dog Stalking a Person

If someone came up to you and asked you to describe what you would consider a 'typical' scenario that led to a dog bite attack, you would likely paint a picture like many others. That picture would consist of you or someone else walking down the street when you are suddenly confronted by a large dog that growls, snarls, drools a bit, shows its teeth and then pounces on you, tearing away at you with those enormous fangs. This is obviously a scary thought, and it’s one that people tend to visualize when they read or hear about dog bite attacks. However, there are many other ways in which someone could be injured in such an attack, and a recent incident showed just one of those many different examples. According to several reports that were released to the public, two people were injured when they attempted to break up a fight between two large dogs that had already started. As they did so, both of the people were bitten multiple times and badly injured. Both people are expected to survive, but each of them faces a long road to recovery if a full recovery is even possible. According to the federal government, more than 4 million people are bitten by dogs every year, and nearly one million of these people are injured badly enough by dog bites that they are forced to seek medical attention at the emergency room. To make matters worse, the majority of people who are injured in dog bite attacks are children, as they will obviously not be as likely to shy away from strange dogs unless properly warned. That’s one of the steps that people should take with regards to dog bite attacks – warning people of the dangers associated with certain dogs. Generally, there are steps that can be taken that will help someone minimize the risk that he or she will be injured in this type of an attack. These steps are relatively simple but they could make the difference between serious injuries and walking away from the situation. The most obvious idea to keep in mind is that you should never approach a strange dog. That dog may not understand your intentions and it may protect itself and its territory. Do not smile at a strange dog, as it may think you are baring your teeth. Remember most of all to remain calm if a dog comes towards you and it appears menacing. Dogs can sense fear, and if you become nervous or attempt to turn and run the dog could instinctively chase you as it would natural prey. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that arise in which someone will still be bitten by a dog and badly injured. If this has happened to you or to someone you love, contact the Las Vegas injury lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.