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Two People Critically Injured When Sedan and Motorcycle Collide

Intersections are driving environments that everyone encounters nearly every day, and people often don't even consider all of the instinctive decisions that need to be made when they move through such a place. However, if anyone makes even one minor mistake, the situation can immediately move from utterly forgettable to a total disaster. Generally speaking, turning across intersections can and does lead to a high number of Nevada motorcycle accidents. The statistics regarding these types of crashes tend to support this notion. Every year, more than 1,000 people are injured and nearly one person is killed every week in Nevada car accidents. Those numbers have held remarkably steady in recent years, and motorcyclists generally get the worst of it when they collide with larger vehicles. While most people would not consider a Mini Cooper a large vehicle, it is compared to something that's moving around on two wheels. Last night, a motorcycle and a Mini Cooper collided and the two people on the motorcycle were critically injured as a result. The accident occurred last night at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Silverado Ranch Boulevard. The authorities stated that a 28-year-old female was driving the Mini Cooper and she attempted to turn left from Las Vegas Boulevard onto Silverado Ranch Boulevard. As she did so, she was hit on the right side of the vehicle by a motorcyclist who was carrying a passenger. Police are attempting to determine whether or not the Mini Cooper turned in front of the motorcycle or if the motorcyclist was speeding or made any unpredictable movements that may have led to the crash. Generally speaking, when someone turns left through an intersection and they are hit on the passenger side, it indicates that they turned in front of an oncoming vehicle. While we do not know if that was the case with this crash, if that is what happened then it could be possible for the people on the motorcycle to pursue a recovery of damages for the losses they have incurred by way of a Nevada personal injury lawsuit. If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash, contact the motorcycle injury attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.