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Crash Avoidance Technology Showing Positive Early Results in Tests

crashAvoidanceIn recent years, several different auto makers have been seeing the same troubling statistics regarding car accidents across the United States and the rest of the world that consumers and safety officials have been reviewing. While some people working at these companies obviously want to do what they can to help keep people safe, the bottom line in big business is that the awareness regarding the dangers that exist on the roads across the world has created a demand for safety from people who will be buying vehicles. This reality has led to much in the way of innovation. Specifically, Volvo is one of the first companies to incorporate a system of technology into its models that provides people with that opportunity. It is called City Safety, and it's basically a computerized system that will override the actions of a driver and help him or her avoid collisions. For instance, if the vehicle's sensors pick up on the fact that the car is about to crash into the rear end of a vehicle in front of it, it will bring that vehicle to a stop before that collision occurs. To date, it's relatively rare in terms of the number of people using it, but based on early results it could soon become much more prevalent. Those results come from a look at the number of auto crashes that drivers who are using this system have been involved in since this technology came to the market. Analysts reviewed the claim data from drivers of the two Volvo models that are using this technology, and they found that those claims were down compared to other drivers during the test period. Specifically, the claims breakdown is as follows:
  • A 16-percent lower claim frequency for property damage liability in the S60 and 15-percent less in the XC60; and
  • An 18-percent lower claim frequency for bodily injury liability in the S60 and 33-percent less in the XC60; and
  • A 9-percent lower claim frequency for collision liability in the S60 and a 20-percent lower rate for people driving the XC60.
The S60 is a common Volvo sedan and the XC60 is an SUV model offered by the company. These lower totals provided a distinct look at how drivers of these vehicles were safer, but no statistics were gathered in terms of how many collisions these drivers were involved in over the course of this review. It seems quite clear that this technology is making a difference in terms of the levels of safety enjoyed by people who drive these vehicles. Most automotive experts expect that this technology will soon begin to make its way into other makes and models, including those that would be considered affordable by most consumers. We have been serving clients as Las Vegas accident lawyers for many years, and we have seen the damage that crashes can inflict on families. The team at Bernstein & Poisson hopes that this and other forward steps continue to improve the safety of people on the roads of the world.