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Man on Bicycle Critically Injured After Being Hit from Behind by Vehicle

bicycle-accidentAnyone who spends any appreciable amount of time here understands that in recent years, bicyclists have become more and more common sights along almost any road in the city at almost any time. As such, we have all to one degree or another needed to learn that we need to give bicyclists a wide berth in order to provide them with the room that they need to navigate safely to their destination. Unfortunately, bicyclists can be difficult to see, especially at night and when one considers that people still do not expect to have to share the roads with them on a regular basis. Sadly, someone made a terrible mistake over the weekend that led to a violent collision between the driver of a vehicle and a bicyclist, and the man on the bicycle was critically injured as a result. According to several reports, the crash occurred on Saturday shortly after midnight. An unidentified 58-year-old man was riding his bicycle in a northbound direction on Las Vegas Boulevard South near Sahara Avenue when he was reportedly hit from behind by a 21-year-old man.The bicyclist was knocked off of his bicycle and he suffered serious injuries as a result that have been described as life-threatening in nature. The driver of the vehicle was not arrested, and no additional information regarding this crash has been provided. As such, it would indicate that the police are still investigating the crash and they are not yet ready to assign fault for it one way or another. It would also tend to indicate that police did not suspect the presence of alcohol with the crash. Unfortunately, too many people have been getting injured and killed on bicycles in recent years in Las Vegas, in Nevada and across the United States. Every year in Nevada alone, nearly one person is killed every month while riding a bicycle and hundreds more are seriously injured. These numbers have been rising precipitously in many locations around the country, and Nevada has not been an exception in many cases. If you have ever ridden a bicycle in a city, you probably understand that it can be a very stressful experience. You fully understand what it's like to have much larger and more powerful vehicles zoom right past you as you ride along on two wheels, directly exposed to the concrete below. You probably also understand how easy it is to fail to see a bicyclist every now and then, and this is particularly true when such a situation arises at night. We have been serving clients as Las Vegas injury lawyers for nearly 30 years now, and it is the hope of the team at Bernstein & Poisson that this accident gets sorted out soon, that the bicyclist is able to make a full recovery from the injuries he has suffered and that everyone involved in the crash is able to move on with their lives.