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Nevada Department of Transportation Attempts to Create Awareness Regarding Traffic Fatalities

ndotThe Nevada Department of Transportation, or the NDOT, performs many different functions. One of those functions is to record, organize and track statistics that relate to traffic accidents that occur in the state every year, and anyone who has ever seen their reporting understands that they leave no stone unturned when it comes to describing the different types of crashes that tend to occur. Therefore, when a trend begins to develop on the roads of Nevada, the NDOT will usually be one of the first to know, and that appears to be what's prompting a creative new step that they're taking in an attempt to make roads safer for travelers. Many of you may have already noticed something new as you have been driving on busy roads where the electronic messaging signs are located. Yesterday, the NDOT started to alert drivers as to the current number of fatalities that have been recorded in the state so far this year that were caused by traffic accidents. The first one appeared on the message board located at I-15 and Craig Road in Las Vegas, and it stated that to date, there have been 100 deaths due to traffic accidents so far in 2013.The boards will be updated every four days, however, as the NDOT wants to make sure that travelers are provided only with the most current information. At this point, there have actually been 104 fatalities on the roads of Nevada so far this year, and that number is slightly higher than it was at this point in 2012. That may be why the NDOT is taking this step, as it wants to constantly remind people that driving is something that requires skill and focus in order to avoid accidents and the injuries and deaths that follow. It's an interesting idea, and one that could help lower the number of crashes that occur. Anything that's done to encourage safety and to remind people of the consequences of driving negligently or recklessly is a positive step. Another way to remind people of this fact is to make sure that the people who cause Nevada car accidents are properly held accountable for the harm that they inflict with their vehicles. This can be done by way of criminal courts in some situations, but the most common way to achieve justice is by working with a Las Vegas accident lawyer who can pursue the recovery of compensation. We have been serving clients as Las Vegas accident lawyers for decades, and we fully understand the devastation that can result from a crash that is caused by someone who was merely being careless at the time it occurred. People do not need to act in a malicious manner to destroy a family in a crash, and most people lack any malice whatsoever when these tragedies unfold. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be held responsible, and anyone who has been harmed in this manner should contact Bernstein & Poisson to schedule a free initial consultation.