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Pedestrian Hit and Killed in Las Vegas Hit-and-Run Accident

Light-Up_PedestrianMore than two people are injured in pedestrian crashes in Nevada every single day, and at least one person is killed every 10 days because of these types of accidents across the state. With numbers like these, one would think that drivers would be more aware of people out walking around, especially in a place like Las Vegas where pedestrian traffic is basically a constant. This should be true when one considers the fact that the statistics regarding pedestrian accidents in Nevada have been steady for several years. Sadly, and in addition to the fact that these numbers are not changing for the better these days, some people who are involved in such a crash feel the need to flee the scene after someone is badly injured or worse. This is a crime in Nevada and everywhere else, but that doesn't stop people from making a terrible situation that much more difficult. In fact, when all types of crashes are considered, hit-and-run accidents take place hundreds of times per year in the state. Tragically, that's what happened once again over the weekend. An unidentified 50-year-old man and resident of Las Vegas was walking at approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday night. As he was attempting to cross the street at the intersection of Jones Boulevard and Saddle Avenue, he was hit and killed by the driver of a silver Nissan SUV. Witnesses provided some basic description of the vehicle and it was recovered a short time later. However, the driver remains at large and police are asking anyone with additional information to come forward so that this person can be identified and questioned. These crashes occur too often overall, and when they do they leave surviving family members in terrible situations where they must suddenly overcome extreme grief, sorrow and shock. They must do so in order to be able to handle all of the details that follow a sudden death and they must work to come together in order to work through a very difficult time. Our thoughts and support go out to the family members of the man who was killed. If or when the driver involved in this crash is found and apprehended, it's quite possible that he or she could face serious criminal charges. It's also quite possible that the family of the man who was killed could file a Nevada wrongful death lawsuit against that driver. Families in this position that file successful legal claims can at least be awarded with damages that help to compensate them for all of the different types of losses that they both have and will incur. We have been serving grieving families as Las Vegas wrongful death lawyers for decades, and there is no way to accurately describe the horror that these people are forced to face. We hope that all of this turns out as well as possible, and if you have lost someone you love, contact Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.