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Teen Killed, 3 Relatives Injured in Terrible North Las Vegas Car Accident on Halloween

halloween_car_accident_las_vegasHalloween is a holiday that offers something for everyone. For those who may be young and single, this is a night to dress up with friends and go have fun. For others, it's a time that is spent with family members, particularly for those who are parents. It's always an experience to see kids go trick-or-treating, and it's something that's done across the United States. It's not uncommon for parents and their children to head to a Halloween party after the little ones make their candy hauls, and that's apparently what a young mother and her child were doing last week. Tragically, that young mother never made it home as the vehicle in which she was riding was allegedly hit from the side as she, her child and the child's great-grandparents were on their way home from a Halloween party. The mother was killed and the other three people, including the child, were injured. Police are still investigating the situation and no definitive cause for the crash has been identified. A link to a full description of the accident can be found here. According to the report, the 17-year-old mother and her two-year-old son were riding in a vehicle being driven by the mother's grandparents at approximately 10 p.m. on Halloween. As the vehicle approached the intersection of Ann Road and Coleman Street, it was hit on the driver's side by a vehicle being driven by an unidentified 21-year-old motorist. The mother suffered blunt force trauma to the head and neck and did not survive. The child suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening, but the injuries suffered by the grandparents were severe. First and foremost, we'd like to express our sincere condolences and sorrow for the family and friends of the young mother who was killed in this North Las Vegas car accident. Losing a life at such a young age is always a tragedy. We also hope that the police are able to complete this investigation quickly and that they are able to clearly define what caused the accident so that those who have suffered can perhaps achieve some sort of closure. In addition, this fatal crash will now become part of the overall statistics regarding Nevada car accidents. Every year, more than 50,000 of these collisions occur and more than 27,000 people are injured as a result. While the statistics have been trending downward, there are still nearly 250 people killed in car accidents across the state on an annual basis. When people lose someone they love in a car accident that was caused by a negligent or reckless driver, they do have legal rights and options that they should consider as difficult as that may seem considering all of the circumstances. If you have lost someone you love in a crash, you should take some time to review those options based on the specific facts relating to this terrible situation. Contact the Las Vegas wrongful death lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.