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How Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents Can Happen in a Flash

Almost all of us are vigilant while we are behind the wheel so that we do not wind up getting involved in a car accident that can lead to enormous amounts of property loss, serious injuries and in some cases fatalities. This is simply known as defensive driving, and despite the fact that most people follow this norm, accidents can and do still occur at a very high rate. In fact, more than 50,000 car accidents occur in Nevada alone every year, and these crashes lead to more than 25,000 injuries and to more than 300 fatalities. Perhaps the most destructive types of car accidents that can occur are multiple-vehicle accidents. These crashes clearly lead to a high number of injuries per crash because of the number of people involved. Sadly, another multiple-vehicle accident occurred recently, with this one taking place in Paradise. It involved at least three vehicles and injured at least six people, two critically. According to a report, the accident occurred in Paradise near Tropicana Avenue and Spencer Street. According to the report, one vehicle approached the intersection and the driver of it lost control just prior to reaching it. As a result, it crossed the median and hit another vehicle, and from there at least one more car became involved. Six people were transported to the hospital and two were critically injured. Police did not release the names of those involved in the crash and no reason was given as to how or why the driver of the vehicle that crossed the median lost control of it. What is known is that two people are fighting for their lives, and we would like to offer our thoughts and our support in hopes that they are able to survive and make full recoveries. We also hope that the police are able to complete their investigation quickly and come to a result so that the people who were wrongfully harmed can take the appropriate action. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, 14 percent of Nevada car accidents every year involve a vehicle hitting a median or barrier. This terrible Paradise car accident is just another example of how multiple-vehicle car accidents can happen almost instantly. Whenever there are several motorists in an enclosed area, all it takes is for one mistake by one driver for all of those vehicles to be placed in a situation of extreme danger. According to the report above, the vehicles involved in this crash were just sitting at the intersection when a driver coming from the other direction allegedly made a mistake. This is exactly the reason it is so important consult an auto accident attorney. Multiple-vehicle car accidents can be very confusing for those who are wrongfully injured in them. That's because everything happens so quickly that they may believe that they do not have a strong legal claim. If you or someone you love has been injured in this type of a crash, contact the Las Vegas accident lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.