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5 Signs That a Loved One Is Being Abused in a Nursing Home

nursinghome_neglect_abuseAs more and more people encounter the need for assisted living because of advancing age or illness, more and more problems seem to be surfacing. These problems are becoming progressively more severe by the day, but part of the reason for that notion is because there is now more awareness with regards to nursing home abuse than ever before. As difficult as this topic and this societal issue is to deal with and to think about, it's a good sign that more people are starting to pay attention to it. We have been serving clients as Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers for 30 years. In our experience, it was the families and friends that were paying close attention that tended to bring these problems to us much earlier than those who may not have been watching for signs of mistreatment. Therefore, we think it is worthwhile to provide some examples of some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse so that if you notice a loved one displaying one or more of these signs you can take immediate action and restore that person's dignity and safety.
  1. Unexplained Bruises, Cuts or Other Injuries
Obviously, people will cut themselves or bump their heads from time to time almost regardless of their age or state of health. However, most people are also willing to explain what happened if they are asked about it. If a nursing home resident avoids this explanation, it could signal a problem.
  1. Radical Change in Personality
Unfortunately, most people are not all that happy to be moving into a nursing home. Therefore, it's normal for a person in this position to seem to change a bit after this move happens. That said, if a person's general disposition radically changes, loved ones should start paying attention.
  1. Bedsores
Bedsores are one of the most common signs of mistreatment in nursing homes that exists. Bedsores only form because of constant pressure that's exerted on an area of the body that comes from not being moved.
  1. Sudden Financial Difficulties
Most loved ones who help make the decision to move into a nursing home have at least a basic understanding of the resident's financial position. If that position suddenly changes and the resident is unwilling to explain it, family members should dig into this situation quickly.
  1. Refusal of Visits
Nursing homes have visiting hours for a reason, as they need to manage their facilities. If visitors are not provided the opportunity to visit someone and they are not given an explanation, those who are concerned should seek answers. Perhaps the common thread that should be identified within this situation is that if things are not explained either by the resident, the facility's staff or both, it's time to look for clarification. If this is happening to someone you love, contact the attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.