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Las Vegas Ranks Low in Survey of Safest Driving Cities

Whenever you are involved in a competition in which the competitors are measured on equal footing, you probably expect that you will do well. While people tend to define 'well' differently depending on their particular circumstances, few people would consider finishing behind 65 percent of their competitors a good showing, even if they finished behind 68 percent of the competitors the previous year. When you're talking about a 'competition' that involves cities and how safe they are to drive in for people, finishing on the low end of the rankings is obviously not a positive development. Unfortunately, that appears to be what has occurred with Las Vegas, as Allstate Insurance has recently completed and released its annual survey that details the cities that are deemed the safest in the United States in which to drive as well as those that are the most dangerous. The survey looked at several different criteria regarding traffic safety and it included the 200 largest cities in the United States in its comparison. Of those 200 cities, Las Vegas was seen as the 130th safest in which to drive. A link to the full survey can be found here. The 'good' news regarding this survey is that Las Vegas has actually improved from last year, when it came in at number 136. However, the city still ranks in the bottom third in this survey, and the criteria that were used to come to this result included the number of years on average between car accidents for a driver and the relative likelihood of a driver being involved in a car accident in that city compared to the national average. These criteria helped to equalize the cities, as some are obviously much larger than others. Anyone who has driven in Las Vegas most likely understands that it can be a dangerous place to drive a vehicle. There are several factors that may be contributing to this problem, including:
  • Active nightlife options
  • Millions of visitors unfamiliar with the local roads
  • Heavy local traffic because of a population that is larger than it was 20 years ago
  • Densely-packed pedestrian traffic in certain parts of town
Of course, there are other reasons that people are, according to the survey, 15.2 percent more likely to be involved in a car accident in Las Vegas than they are on average across the rest of the United States. The bottom line is that thousands of people are injured in the city every year because of negligent driving, and many of them are seriously injured because of the negligent driving of another person. These are people who are forced into very difficult situations because they suddenly face enormous losses that they did nothing to incur themselves. If you are one of the many people who has been injured by a negligent or reckless driver, contact the Las Vegas accident lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.