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Fatal Pedestrian Crash On U.S. 95

A pedestrian was struck and killed on U.S. Highway 95 south near Rainbow Boulevard according to police sources. The driver was working on his vehicle when he was hit by a Dodge Durango after the driver, who may have had a medical problem, lost control of the vehicle and struck the man, according to police sources. The driver who was struck was taken to a local hospital but pronounced dead a short time later. The Nevada Highway Patrol investigated the accident, shutting off the off-ramp while they gathered evidence. There is no word on the condition of the SUV driver.

Exiting a Vehicle Can Be Dangerous

In most cases, it is better to wait on the side of the road in your vehicle if you suffer a breakdown, particularly if you are on a very busy highway. Many people attempt to change tires or perform other maintenance on a vehicle while putting themselves in danger by leaving the vehicle. Unless there is imminent danger, you are usually safer inside a car than outside. Here are some tips for staying safe if your car breaks down:
  • On busy roads, stay inside the vehicle. You should also remain in the vehicle with the doors locked if you are in an unfamiliar neighborhood or if you break down at night.
  • If you must exit the car, put out road flares so that other drivers can see you easily.
  • Carry a cell phone at all times for emergencies. Call for help immediately if you are stranded. Keep the number of your towing service in your wallet or glove compartment or program it into your phone. Do the same for other drivers in your family.
  • Stay inside the vehicle if you are unable to quickly repair the problem. For example, if it is safe to change your tire, do so quickly. If you cannot do this or if the problem is beyond the scope of your repair abilities, stay inside the car until help arrives.
  • Pull well off the road when you stop if at all possible. If you can guide the car so that the wheels are completely off the road, you will be safer than if you overhang the edge of the road.
  • Exit the vehicle on the side away from traffic. Even if you have to crawl over the seats, this is safer than opening your door and stepping into traffic. Be sure the car is in park and turned off before you exit.
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