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Motorcycle Rider Dead After Crash With Pickup

According to recent police reports, a 44-year-old motorcycle rider died after being thrown from his bike when he allegedly ran into the side of a pickup truck. The crash occurred at the intersection of East Desert Inn Road and South Brentwood Street. Witnesses reported that the rider was traveling west on Desert Inn Road when he struck the left side of a Chevy pickup truck that was making a left turn into the intersection from Brentwood. The rider was ejected from his bike upon impact. The victim was rushed to a local hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. The driver of the pickup truck sustained minor injuries but remained at the scene to talk to officers. Police do not believe either driver was impaired, but did note that both vehicles were black, possibly effecting visibility of both drivers. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents: A High Percentage

In other places, motorcycles do not make up a high percentage of crash statistics, but these types of accidents are relatively common in Las Vegas, where more people enjoy riding motorcycles than in other towns or cities. According to the Las Vegas Police Department, motorcycle riders accounted for seven of 31 traffic fatalities in 2012 and four of 26 fatalities in 2013. So far, five motorcycle deaths have been reported of a total of 18 fatalities. However, this new death brings the total of fatalities up to 26 for the year, so several fatal accidents have not yet been accounted for in the latest available statistics from the LVPD.

Motorcycle Riders: Dangerous or a Bad Rap?

There is a great deal of debate about whether motorcycles are inherently dangerous or whether motorcycle riders are poor drivers. Some people claim that motorcycles should not be allowed on the road with cars because they simply expose riders to too much risk. However, motorcycle riders have the same right to be on the road as drivers of cars. In many cases, motorcycle drivers must learn to avoid accidents even more carefully than passenger car drivers because they are exposed to more risk from their unprotected position on the bike. Motorcycle riders do not have the luxury of air bags, seat belts, roll bars and other equipment that is standard with passenger vehicles. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you stand up for your rights. Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas may be able to help you recover damages from your motorcycle accident.