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"Banana Thrower" Arrested on Assault and DUI Charges

banana_thrower_carson_cityIn a bizarre chain of events, Osvaldo Ruiz, now known as the Banana Thrower, was arrested and faces felony charges which will include assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving and DUI. Law enforcement officers were called to a convenience store where the clerk was hit with a banana. The clerk explained to officers that two men had entered the store together and one of them proceeded to use the restroom with the door open. The clerk asked the subject to close the door; at this point, the man became upset and started yelling at the clerk and demanded that he sell them alcohol. What is not completely clear is why the other man grabbed a banana and threw it at the clerk, striking him with it before both men exited the store. Utilizing video surveillance, the officers were able to identify the banana thrower and determined where he went after the assault. Officers went to the location and learned Ruiz and another man had arrived in a Lexus and went into an apartment. After attempts to make contact were unsuccessful, officers decided to keep surveillance on the vehicle. Soon, the suspects fled the apartment complex in the car and led the officers on a high-speed chase. Ignoring the flashing lights and sirens, the driver drove recklessly toward other police vehicles involved in the pursuit. At some point the Lexus went airborne and came to rest between a casino wall and a green electrical control box. The crash severed a meter that supplied gas to the casino causing the casino to evacuate until the utility company could arrive. Ruiz then exited the vehicle and led the officers on a foot chase away from the scene. Officers eventually found Ruiz hiding in a dumpster. Upon his arrest, officers noted Ruiz smelled of alcohol and was slurring his words.

DUI Is Often Involved in Personal Injury

In 2013 there were 14,445 arrests for driving under the influence. This number is an increase from 2012 statistics of 11,576. In the state of Nevada when an individual is convicted of a DUI- related offense, the criminal penalties may include loss of driving privileges, fines, jail sentences ranging from 6 months to 20 years and fines up to $5,000. However, none of these penalties will pay the victim back for his or her injuries if someone is hurt by the drunk driver's actions. If you have been the victim of a DUI accident, call the Law Offices of Bernstein & Poisson for a free consultation. We have years of experience helping people like you recover damages for the injuries sustained in a DUI crash.