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Amtrak Trial Begins, Evidence Questioned

The trial of those accused of being responsible for a 2011 train crash which caused the train to ignite and explode, leaving a total of six people dead, is underway. This civil trial is, in part, designed to determine who is at fault in the fiery wreck. According to reports, both sides of the case are fighting desperately with a total of $11 million possibly at stake. Amtrak, one of the parties in the suit, says that the trucker who drove into the path of the oncoming train did not know what he was doing and showed a lack of attention. Backing up their argument Amtrak has produced a video with from a camera which was mounted on the train. It shows that the crossing gate, which the trucking company is charging was broken, was in working order and was closed as the train passed by. The engineer is also backing up this evidence. The trucking company is questioning the authenticity of the video. They are also pointing to Union Pacific's actions in removing data cards which the National Transportation Safety Board told them not to remove. The gate has also disappeared since the accident, making it impossible to inspect. They also find it questionable that the only two people who are attesting to the working gate are both employees of Union Pacific.

Companies Fight While Victims Suffer

This accident was a terrible disaster not just because of money and goods that were lost but also because six people died in the crash. As the two companies squabble over the concerns of business, there are families that have suffered a very great loss in these deaths. Of those killed, there was a grandmother and granddaughter who died, as well as the conductor. These were people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and were doing nothing wrong. Answers to how and why this happened are owed to those who are permanently missing family members. Tragic accidents do occur, but when people are killed needlessly by someone's negligence, survivors deserve answers. They may have to pay for unexpected funerals and the loss of wages from earners in their families. Wrongful death is not just an emotional struggle but also a financial one. If you or someone you know has suffered an unexpected loss, call Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. These attorneys are experienced in handling wrongful death cases and can assist you during this difficult time. You may be entitled to payment of lost earnings, past and future, as well as money for emotional pain and suffering and loss of consortium as well as medical and funeral expenses.