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Hit-and-Run Suspect Caught

Melanie_Marnne-Lawson_hit_and_runHit-and-run accidents can cause serious injuries, and they add a new dimension of complexity to a personal injury case. Not only is the driver responsible for the accident negligent but he or she also refuses to take responsibility by fleeing the scene. In a recent-hit-and-run crash, the driver was finally caught near Reno, where the accident occurred. After a long chase at speeds topping 85 miles per hour, the suspect driver was finally caught by the Highway Patrol in California. The truck that she was driving swerved back and forth between the lanes and the chase ended with the truck having three flat tires. Not only was the accident a hit-and-run but the driver of the truck is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol as well. The possible charges that the driver may face include hit-and-run, reckless driving and eluding police as well as a DUI from the state of California. What could have been a much less serious case has now turned into something that may result in very severe charges.

The Connection Between DUI and Hit-and-Run Crashes

Hit-and-runs are very serious offenses and are often the result of DUI. Drivers who are under the influence are more likely to run from the scene of a crash, as are those with outstanding criminal warrants and those without a license or insurance. Unfortunately, the victims of a hit-and-run crash must still find a way to pay for medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses. Without a responsible driver, the money must come from the victim's own uninsured motorist policy. Even if the victim has this coverage, he or she may struggle to get the insurance company to pay the costs of the crash. Those who are the victims of hit-and-run crashes can often benefit from the help of a personal injury attorney. Not only does an attorney understand the law but he or she can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that the insurer pays its fair share of the costs of the accident. If you or someone you know have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident and needs legal representation, call Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. These attorneys have years of experience in handling automotive accident cases and may be able to help you collect damages. You may be entitled to damages including the cost of repairs to your vehicle, medical expenses, lost wages and even sums for your pain and suffering.