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Top Holiday Accidents

Holiday_accidentsThe holidays are a time of great joy and excitement as we visit with family and friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. However, it is also a time when accidents abound. Here are some of the top holiday accidents and how to avoid them:
  1. Cuts, burns and injuries from holiday items in the home. While it may seem silly, every year hundreds of people visit emergency rooms for preventable injuries from holiday items around the home. Burns, cuts and other injuries have occurred through misuse of items as mundane as stoves and scissors or as complicated as chainsaws or snow blowers. At the holidays, injuries such as these tend to come from items that are not used during the year, such as strings of Christmas lights or new cooking appliances.
  2. Poisoning. Be very careful with pets, children and adults; there are many foods around, often mingled with non-food items. Never eat anything without knowing what it is and watch children and pets carefully. Children have been known to drink perfume and other liquids that looked attractive, and dogs can be poisoned by certain foods such a chocolate.
  3. Electrocution. Never water a Christmas tree with the lights on or with any plugged-in decorations nearby. Watch for frayed cords and other items, particularly with lights that have been stored throughout the year.
  4. Falls. Every year, hundreds of people are treated for falls from ladders, chairs, step stools and other items around the home as they decorate for the holidays. In addition, be aware that ice and snow can be very slippery if you are visiting relatives in colder climates.
  5. Car accidents. Car accidents are certainly the largest group of holiday-related accidents and many of them involve drunk driving or skids on icy roads. Be careful as you drive; try to time your travel for the less-busy times of the day or season. If this is not possible, drive defensively. Further, be sure that you do not have as much as one drink before driving. Choose someone to act as a completely sober designated driver for all your holiday gatherings or take a cab.
The attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas want to wish everyone a productive, safe and happy holiday season. If you do suffer any type of injury, contact us immediately to discuss your case and protect your rights.