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Another Medical Accident? Man Killed in Warm Springs Crash

A man was killed in what authorities believe may be the second Las Vegas accident this month that may have been due to medical issues on the part of the driver. The accident occurred on the 1900 block of East Warm Spring Road between Spencer and Burnham Streets. Witnesses reported that a man driving a Honda Civic was traveling west on Warm Springs when he drifted off the north side of the highway and hit a pole. The 62-year-old victim was transported to St. Rose Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The crash is under investigation. Authorities stated that they do not yet know if the man was suffering from a medical condition that may have caused him to lose control of his vehicle. This accident follows a similar one in which a 49-year-old man ran his van off the road and crashed into a concrete pillar, killing him instantly. The investigation into that man’s death continues, but the police have reason to believe he may have been suffering from a medical condition as well.

Heart Attack Accidents Are Quite Common

According to the National Institute of Health, between five and ten percent of all car accidents may be attributed to a health condition such as a sudden heart attack, stroke or blackout due to diabetes or other causes. While it is tempting to say that people who are at risk for these diseases should not drive, the NIH is quick to point out that thousands of people are at risk but drive successfully every day, and that there is really no way to know who might have a heart attack or stroke behind the wheel in advance of it actually happening. However, when it comes to responsibility for such an accident, you may be surprised to learn that there are often avenues of liability that arise as a result of such an accident, even though the driver has no warning that he or she is about to suffer a damaging health problem that will cause a crash. For instance, a driver who behaves carelessly and causes another driver to run off the road may be liable for damages, whether this induces a heart attack in the victim or not. Further, if a car does not have proper, working safety features and this leads to loss of control during a medical episode, the manufacturer may be responsible. To find out how to collect compensation for your injuries in any type of accident, contact Bernstein & Poisson.