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Bike Crash in Red Rock Hospitalizes Several Riders

A rather odd bicycle crash in Red Rock Canyon sent several riders to the hospital, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol. The NHP was called to respond to reports of a crash on Nevada 159 to find that five bicycle riders had all be involved in a crash with each other. No vehicles seemed to have been involved in the collision. All of the riders were transported to an area hospital but were said to be suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Five Bikes, No Cars?

For most people, a story about five bicycle riders who were all injured on a highway without a car being involved may seem a bit strange. However, anyone who has ever observed the behavior of some bicyclists, especially in large groups as part of a race or training exercise, may not be as surprised. Just like car drivers, there are good and bad bicycle riders. Some drivers complain about bicycle riders “hogging” the road, especially when they are involved in bike racing or take the sport seriously. These drivers claim that bicycle riders do not observe the proper road rules and behave dangerously, cutting in front of each other and in front of vehicles without regard to safety.

Can A Bicycle Rider Be At Fault For An Accident?

According to Nevada law, a person who is driving a car must allow at least three feet between himself or herself and a bicycle and shall not intentionally interfere with the bicycle rider in any way. On the other hand, another section of this same law gives the same duty of care to bicycle riders: they are not to interfere with car drivers. The inference is that bicycle riders and car drivers both have a duty of care to watch out for each other. Therefore, a bicycle rider can technically be at fault for an accident with another bicyclist, a pedestrian or even a motor vehicle. As investigators continue to look into this crash, it is possible that one or more of the bike riders will be found to have been at fault for the accident. A person who has been injured in a bicycle crash may be entitled to monetary damages. Contact Bernstein & Poisson today to find out how you may be able to recover these damages through a personal injury lawsuit.