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Motorcycle Crash Results in 7 Months of Hospitalization Followed by Death

Nearly seven months after a motorcycle crash that admitted him to an area hospital, a Las Vegas man succumbed to his injuries, according to recent reports. The 36-year-old victim died after a long battle with blunt force trauma injuries sustained when he rear-ended a Honda CRV that was stopped at a red light. Reports from the accident say that the light turned green but the Honda did not move forward, causing the motorcycle rider to strike the back of the vehicle. The accident took place near Decatur Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics Tell a Grim Story

The statistics for motorcycle accidents tell a grim story when it comes to the safety of the average rider. According to various statistical sources, motorcycle riders have been shown to be 35 times more likely to die in a crash than occupants of passenger vehicles. Every year, an average of 4,800 people die and 88,000 people are injured in motorcycle crashes across the country. This translates to more than 13 deaths and 241 injuries every day due to motorcycle crashes. Motorcycle crashes are also overrepresented among traffic accidents in general. While less than five percent of the population drives a motorcycle, about 11 percent of all accidents involve a motorcycle rider. Specifically, the fatality rate for motorcycle riders is about 73 per 100,000 registered drivers as opposed to 14 per 100,000 drivers of passenger vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident Deaths and Injuries May Require Legal Advice

The most disturbing fact about motorcycle accidents is how often riders are denied claims for damages. There is an underlying but unspoken belief among many car and truck drivers that motorcycle riders are "asking for it" by riding "dangerous" machines. People tend to ignore motorcycle riders, fail to yield the right of way, or even behave aggressively toward them. Furthermore, when a motorcycle rider tries to collect damages, some people have the attitude that the motorcycle rider must have been at fault, no matter what the circumstances. A motorcycle accident law firm such as Bernstein & Poisson represents motorcycle riders who are injured in crashes. These victims often have unpaid medical bills and other expenses and should collect compensation for pain and suffering. With the help of a personal injury attorney, these riders may be able to recover the sums due to them to pay their bills and compensate them for their injuries.