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Motorcyclist Dies in Crash Near Nellis Air Force Base

A Las Vegas motorcycle rider was killed in a crash near Nellis Air Force Base according to recent reports. The crash took place when a motorcycle, ridden by a 20-year-old rider, collided with a vehicle on Lake Mead Boulevard near Hollywood. The identity of the motorcyclist has not been released, but police say that the investigation is continuing and that no one else was injured in the crash.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics for Las Vegas

Las Vegas experiences a high number of motorcycle accidents, including those that lead to fatalities. According to data compiled from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, motorcycle deaths accounted for 11 of 56 traffic fatalities in 2012, or about 20 percent, and eight of 46 traffic fatalities in 2013, or about 17 percent. So far in 2014, there have been ten motorcycle fatalities, putting this year on track to meet or exceed the numbers of the past two years. Experts are divided on the reasons for Las Vegas's high motorcycle fatality rate. Some say that motorcycles simply make up a larger percentage of vehicles on the road in Las Vegas. They may be right, as the sunny weather and fun activities in and around Las Vegas lead many people to take to the road on bikes. However, that may not be the only reason for the high percentage of motorcycle crashes when compared to overall traffic accidents. It is also possible that drivers in Las Vegas are committing a higher-than-average number of dangerous actions that can lead to motorcycle crashes. For example, many drivers may not yield to oncoming motorcycles when making a left turn. Unfortunately, there seems to be a high percentage of drivers who do not respect the rights of motorcycle riders to share the road. When a car and a motorcycle collide, the motorcycle rider almost always suffers the brunt of the injuries.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, it is very important that you seek professional legal advice. It is very possible that the driver who hit you as well as his or her insurance company will try to blame you for the accident even if the driver was clearly in the wrong. The attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas are ready to help you recover payments for your medical bills, pain and suffering and other costs associated with a motorcycle accident. Contact them today.