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Woman Accused of DUI Seriously Injures Two

According to recent reports, a young driver who is suspected of DUI seriously injured two pedestrians and left the scene before crashing her vehicle and returning to the spot where the injuries occurred. Conception Castaneda, 23, is alleged to have struck two individuals on the sidewalk while driving under the influence. She then hit a light pole. She is also being charged leaving the scene of the accident on Decatur Boulevard and then coming back. A judge is expecting to receive legal arguments for her bond. Castaneda’s attorney is requesting her discharge without bail, even though she hit two pedestrians who were taken to the hospital with severe wounds. The pedestrians are ages 17 and 26. Castaneda’s criminal history and driving record have not been made available to the public. Prosecutors are concerned that Castaneda, a Mexican woman, may leave the United States to escape going to court. Currently, Castaneda is being detained on $50,000 bail. Her detainment is for two charges, specifically driving under the influence and failure to stop at the scene of an accident with injuries. She could remain in a Nevada prison for 55 years if convicted. Her trial date is set for June 24.

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