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Wrongful Death Suit Filed In Summerlin Hospital TB Outbreak

According to reports, a recent outbreak of tuberculosis at the Summerlin Hospital has led to the filing of a wrongful death charge against the hospital for failing to diagnose the disease. Rubin White filed the lawsuit against the hospital, doctors, and nurses for the wrongful death of his wife Vanessa White and his newborn girls Abigail and Emma White. Vanessa White, who did not know she had the disease, was allowed to visit her twin infant girls in the Summerlin Neonatal Intensive Care Unit this past summer.

By allowing these visits, the lawsuit alleges that the hospital unit disregarded safety standards and precautions, resulting in an outbreak of the disease in the NICU Level III unit. This resulted in hundreds of patients, including newborns, being tested for the potentially life-threatening disease. The results included at least 61 diagnoses of TB. White and one of her daughters died from the disease.

According to the lawsuit, White remained in the hospital for four months, suffering through 30 various diagnoses, none of which were TB. The lawsuit states that tuberculosis was not mentioned until two days before her death and testing for the disease was not done until one day before her death. White's attorney argues that the hospital purposely avoided looking at TB, as it is a must-report disease. If reported, the state would become involved and begin overseeing the facility.

Summerlin Hospital released a statement saying, "Due to patient confidentiality laws, we cannot comment on the specific care and treatment provided to any patient. We deny the allegations that have been made in this matter and intend to defend this matter vigorously in court." White's lawsuit is only one of many, as the hospital is facing multiple lawsuits connected to the TB outbreak.

Trusting In Healthcare Professionals: A Right That Must Be Protected

Patients rely on medical staff and hospitals for their health needs, placing their trust in healthcare providers who are supposed to follow set standards of care when diagnosing illness, conducting appropriate lab tests, performing surgery, and providing appropriate follow-up care. When medical providers fail to follow the set standard practices the damages can be severe, leading to personal injury and even death.

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