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Dangerous LV Intersection Investigated

The critical head injuries of a 25-year-old driver have led to an investigation of an intersection that area residents have long complained was dangerous, according to Las Vegas police. The young man was rushed to an area medical center after he slammed into a light pole at the intersection of Dean Martin Drive south of Tropicana Avenue. This intersection has seen numerous accidents that business owners in the area attribute to speeding and distracted driving. There are no signs to warn drivers of an upcoming sharp curve, a situation that area business people say is also contributing to the high number of crashes. The speed limit in the area is 35 miles per hour. Another driver died in December at the same intersection in a similar accident. Las Vegas police are aware of the propensity for speeding and careless driving in the area as they frequently pull people over. However, tourists and others may not be aware of the intersections reputation both for danger and for the high number of tickets written there.

Las Vegas Accident Statistics

Las Vegas sees a relatively high number of accidents each year. In 2012, there were a total of 6,132 collisions in the city, 2,726 of which result in injury and 38 of which resulted in death. For 2013, the numbers were 5,897 total collisions, 2,648 injuries and 37 deaths, and for 2014 so far there have been 4,601 collisions resulting in 2,353 injuries and 27 deaths. Although the intersection of Dean Martin Drive and Tropicana is said to be dangerous, it is not listed in the Las Vegas Police Department's "Top 5" most dangerous intersections in the city. Those are: Charleston and Lamb with 16 collisions from September 2013 to April 2014; Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana with 12 collisions; Decatur and Tropicana with 11 collisions; Tropicana and Koval with 11 collisions; and Rainbow and Tropicana with 9 collisions.

Can I Collect Damages in a Single-Car Crash?

If you are involved in a single-car accident, you may believe that you cannot collect damages such as payment for your medical bills and lost wages. However, this may not be the case. If there is an existing danger that the city does not address, the government may have some liability in the case as well. Further, issues like ongoing construction and other obstacles may lead to a single-car accident and place liability on someone other than the driver. Contact Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas today to learn more about how you may be entitled to payment for your injuries.