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Four Injured in Rollover Crash

rollover_accident_las_vegas_nevadaAccording to the Nevada Highway Patrol, four people were injured in a rollover crash, with two being transported by air and two by ground to the trauma center at UMC. The accident occurred on Interstate 15 near mile marker 84, but police have not released any details of what may have caused the crash or the outlook for the victims.

Rollover Crashes: Deadly Malfunctions?

While rollover crashes are not as common as rear-end collisions or some other types of crashes, they can be far more deadly and may be caused not only by driver inattention but by vehicle malfunctions. While rollover crashes make up only three percent of all vehicle accidents, they cause 33 percent of vehicle deaths, according to statistics from various government agencies. By far the largest number of rollover crashes occur with SUVs and light trucks, whose higher center of gravity makes them more likely to roll over than sedans or larger vehicles. Rollovers are not always due to driver error. At least 16 percent of all rollovers may be the result of tire malfunctions such as blowouts, and another large percentage of these crashes may be due to other vehicle malfunctions such as locking brakes or hazards such as road debris. Those who use seatbelts and have other safety features on their vehicles are much less likely to die in a rollover than those who do not.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved In a Rollover?

If you are involved in a rollover crash, it is not unlikely that your insurance company or that of another person may try to deny your claim by asserting that the accident is your fault. Even if you are riding with someone else and are injured in a rollover crash, the insurance company may try to shift the blame. At Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas, we stand up for your rights against insurance companies that want to deny you compensation for your expenses related to a rollover crash. We know that you may need help collecting payments for medical bills and lost wages as well as sums for your pain and suffering. Bernstein & Poisson has a long history of working with victims of all types of accidents to ensure that they get the help they need in demanding justice for their injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation about the injuries you sustained in a rollover crash.