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Seven-Car Collision Severely Injures Two

las_vegas_nine_car_accidentA seven-car collision around Mount Vista Street and East Russell Road resulted in two serious injuries, according to police reports. Authorities arrived at the scene to find nine vehicles involved in the accident and two individuals injured. The injured were taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center with severe wounds. It was not reported which vehicle initially caused the collision. While no charges have yet been filed, police feel that alcohol might have played a part in the collision. Around nine vehicles were sprawled throughout the junction, making it difficult to tell how the initial accident took place. The roads were blocked for some time, and it was unclear exactly when they will once again be accessible to the general public. There are no reports on whether any of the individuals involved in the crash were given sobriety tests or what motivated police to think that alcohol may have been an aspect in this major accident. Additionally, the names and ages of the victims have not been released. It is possible that the police are keeping the details of the investigation quiet in order to promote the investigation of the circumstances.

DUI Causes Serious Injuries

According to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control, about one-third of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol. This makes drinking and driving one of the most significant preventable causes of accidental death in the world. DUI drivers are often arrested for their actions, but a criminal case will not provide the victims with compensation for their injuries. Instead, victims must file a personal injury lawsuit in many cases in order to collect damages such as payment for medical bills, sums for pain and suffering and other costs. Being involved in a car accident, especially when there are multiple vehicles involved, can be a truly frightening experience. It can be especially worrisome when the only knowledge you have is is that you have been hit as a result of reckless driving, with the possibility that the driver may have been under the influence. As personal injury lawyers with close to 30 years of experience, Bernstein and Poisson understand the process of advocating for those who have been hurt as a result of disregard for the general well-being of others. They will fight to protect your rights in a court of law, and will work steadfastly to ensure that justice is served and that you receive the benefits you deserve.