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5 Signs An Elderly Loved One May Be Suffering from Financial Abuse

elderly_financial_abuseAs our loved ones get older and reach the point where they can no longer safely care for themselves, some very difficult decisions need to be made. It may be time to move into a nursing home or in-home care may need to be obtained. The situation is different for everyone, but one commonality is that something needs to be done quickly before that person becomes ill or suffers serious injuries. Many older loved ones are not happy about this change in their lives, but family members often rest easier knowing that they are getting the care and attention that they need. Unfortunately, some seniors not only do not get the care that they need, but they are actually mistreated such that they can endure daily suffering. One of the most common ways that elders are abused occurs by way of their finances. Nursing home workers and/or in-home care providers can take advantage of people in this position for their own financial gain. As such, family members need to remain vigilant even after they help to obtain care for their loved one. Below are 5 common signs that an older person is suffering from financial abuse.
  1. Sudden Isolation
People who are stealing money do not want family members keeping a close eye on their targets. Therefore, if a loved one is suddenly isolated from family members it should be a sign for those loved ones to investigate the matter further and demand immediate answers.
  1. Fear of Speaking Openly
If family members are allowed to visit with an older loved one, they should become concerned if that loved one seems hesitant to talk about certain things in the presence of that care provider. This is particularly true if that person does not want to talk about even basic financial issues.
  1. Missing Items
Whether an older relative lives in a nursing home or he or she receives in-home care, that person will most likely keep treasured and valuable items nearby. If those items suddenly start to vanish without explanation, it could signify trouble.
  1. Strange Bank Account Activity
Family members should try to at least keep basic tabs on that loved one's finances, particularly if he or she is not totally capable of handling those matters alone. Any strange activity with regards to that person's bank account should be questioned, as doing so may at least send a signal that people are watching.
  1. Unpaid Bills
If family members notice mail that looks like collection notices or hear the phone ringing constantly, it could be a sign that bills are not being paid. This could also signal that there is a lack of money available to make these basic bill payments. If you suspect that a loved one is suffering in this manner, you need to trust your instincts and act immediately. Contact the Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.