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Metro Police Warn of Crash Scams

las_vegas_metro_policeIn the second warning in as many days, Las Vegas police announced that traffic scams aimed at drivers who have been involved in an accident could be an attempt to solicit personal information from unwary victims. The Las Vegas Metro Traffic Bureau echoed the warnings of the Nevada Highway Patrol, who told drivers that citizens should be wary of possible scammers seeking personal information by phone or in person. The Nevada Highway Patrol first became aware of the potential scam when they discovered two men at a crash site on U.S. Highway 95 and Decatur Boulevard. The men were not victims and were not involved in the crash. However, they were representing themselves as taking a "vehicle collision report" for the police. The numbers on their business cards were for prepaid cell phones, and their information did not check out when police investigated. NHP officers believe the men were scammers trying to solicit personal information from crash victims. They did not arrest the men due to lack of evidence.

Metro Police Refuse to Investigate Crashes

Metro Police have stopped responding to accidents in which no one is hurt, prompting a wave of criticism. Some people feel that the lack of police presence is a breeding ground for scams such as this one in which unscrupulous people take advantage of crash victims. Here are some tips for avoiding becoming the victim of a scam:
  • Never give personal information to anyone other than a police officer after a crash. If you are the victim of a crash, be sure to file a report with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. However, you should never give any personal or financial information to anyone other than police officers. You should give your name and address to the person involved in the accident with you as well as your insurance information, but never give any personal information to a third party.
  • Do not accept phone calls asking for personal information. If a person purporting to be an insurance adjustor calls you, ask for an office number where you can call back. Scammers will usually not give you a valid telephone number.
  • Insist on a police report if you are injured. If you are injured in an accident, insist on police involvement.
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