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Pawn Stars Host Injured in Motorcycle Crash

Just hours before a 31st birthday celebration to be held in his honor, "Pawn Stars" host Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison was injured in a motorcycle crash in Las Vegas, according to recent reports. Harrison's injuries included a broken arm, a back injury and a foot injury and kept him from attending his birthday party. Harrison was planning on meeting family at Joe Vicari's Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. Ironically, his family had planned to surprise him with a motorcycle-themed birthday cake. A friend delivered the cake to his home when Harrison returned from the hospital. Authorities have not released any information on the cause of the crash. An investigation is ongoing.

Motorcycle Crashes Mean More Serious Injuries

Whenever someone is involved in a motorcycle accident, the chances are good that the victim's injuries will be far more severe than they would have been if the person had been involved in a similar car accident. It is easy enough to understand this phenomenon, since motorcycle riders have little to no protection from ejection, impact with objects or vehicles or being thrown to the pavement at a high rate of speed. Passenger car occupants, on the other hand, have a great deal of protection from these types of injuries with air bags, seat belts and roll cages in their vehicles. While the use of motorcycle helmets can prevent some head and neck injuries, motorcycle crash victims often experience broken arms, injuries to the legs and feet and back injuries. Exactly how well motorcycles protect those who are involved in crashes is still a subject for debate. While it is obvious that a helmet is better than no protection at all, many helmets do not prevent head injuries if the motorcycle rider crashes at a high rate of speed. The faster the motorcycle rider is going, the less likely it is that helmets will prevent serious or deadly injuries.

I Have Been Involved In A Motorcycle Accident

If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, it is very possible that the insurance company representing the other driver will try to blame you for the crash. Unfortunately, many people still think motorcycles are inherently dangerous even though motorcyclists may be very safe drivers. You may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney who can protect your interests. The lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas are ready to help you.