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Motorcyclist Fatally Injured In I-80 Crash

A motorcycle rider was fatally injured recently in an accident on I-80, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol. Investigators found that a chain of events had caused the accident, which took place near Wells Avenue. They found that the initial stages of the crash involved a 1998 Toyota Camry, driven by 62-year-old Harry D. Preston of Corning, California. The Toyota swerved to avoid rear-ending a car that had allegedly slowed down due to congestion in traffic. This led to a PT Cruiser being hit, which in turn struck the motorcycle rider, Kevin J. Ness of Oakland. The 59-year-old was thrown from the bike. Troopers say that Preston swerved into the adjacent lane because he did not see the white 2007 PT Cruiser, driven by Robert K. Brackett of Ukiah, California. This caused Brackett to move to the next lane, leading to a collision with the motorcycle. After the accident, Highway Patrol officers closed three lanes of eastbound traffic for about two hours while they were investigating the accident. Ness was taken to Renown Regional Medical Center and treated, but died later.

Motorcycle Accidents Common in Nevada

In Nevada, 27,000 people are injured on the roads due to car, truck and motorcycle accidents every year. Many of these people do not fully understand their legal rights and options to recover compensation from the accident. They often choose the course of dealing directly with insurance companies after an accident, but this method of handling the situation may not yield a high level of compensation. The attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson have a revelation for those who may have been injured in an accident when dealing with insurance adjusters: they are for-profit companies that only want to reach a settlement with you that will give you the least amount of compensation possible. They do not work for you; they put their professional duties in front of your pain and suffering, which can harm those who are trying to get their lives back together after an accident. If an insurance adjuster hears that a skilled attorney has been involved in the matter, he or she may be more likely to give you a reasonable settlement instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to battle the matter out in the courts. At Bernstein & Poisson, we never charge you for an initial consultation. We know that you want to know the facts about your case we fully explain your options to you. Call us today for a free evaluation of your case.