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Explaining Levels of Authority with Nursing Home Abuse

nursing_home_abuse_las_vegasWhen you put an elderly relative into a caregiving facility, you want them to be free from abuse and live out their last few years in peace and comfort. If your relative tells you about abuse at the home or you witness any abuse by caregiving staff, may not know where to turn to report the crime. If you suspect that the conduct of a care worker is inflicting harm on a loved one, it is important that you find an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to help you put a stop to the abuse and recover compensation for your loved one's injuries.

The Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance

The Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance is a state government entity that holds jurisdiction over nursing homes. As this agency is the one that oversees nursing homes, it is important that you inform them of any harm caused to a loved one. They are able to levy fines against those who mistreat the elderly and also have the power to revoke the license required to operate one of these facilities. This solution may be used if the facility is found to have a record of mistreating the elderly.

Law Enforcement Agencies

In some cases, mistreatment is too severe to simply report to the Bureau of Health Care Quality. Sometimes the abuse could amount to criminal conduct, and that is when law enforcement should get involved. Examples of abuse in which law enforcement should be notified may include physical or sexual abuse as well as the financial abuse of assisted-living center residents. You should get in contact with law enforcement agencies and file a criminal charge if you suspect any of these types of crimes. The law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the care center can investigate the abuse allegations and collect evidence.

Nevada Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Finally, if you or a loved one wants to pursue a case against a nursing home or care facility, a nursing home abuse lawyer should be consulted. An attorney can help you explore your options including a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your loved one's pain and suffering. Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas can help. Our experienced attorneys can help defend vulnerable clients and help prevent future abuse to others. Our years of experience help us to quickly assess a case and fight for the compensation the victims deserve. Contact us now to book a free consultation.