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How Dangerous Are Las Vegas Drivers?

las_vegas_driversAllstate Insurance completed a study recently with frightening results. According to data compiled by the company from property damage claims, drivers in Las Vegas are 15 percent more like to be involved in an accident than drivers in any other area of the country. These results put Las Vegas drivers among the bottom half of safest drivers in the country. Other information from the study indicated that the average driver in Las Vegas will be involved in an accident on average of once every 9 years, giving the city a ranking of 123 rd out of 200, an improvement of seven spots over previous results.

What Is The Problem?

According the Las Vegas Review, the high accident rate is not all the fault of the drivers in Las Vegas. The Review lists 10 things that Las Vegas drivers must cope with on a larger scale than drivers in other cities. One problem is that there is a very high percentage of out-of-state drivers in Las Vegas. Many people who did not learn how to drive in Nevada and do not know the rules for driving here are on the streets. It is estimated that 40 million drivers come into the city from other states each year. Those same 40 million drivers tend to slow down traffic by cruising in areas like the strip as they sightsee. Constant construction is another problem Las Vegas drivers face as well as poorly-designed road infrastructure in some places. Although some of these issues are not exclusive to Las Vegas, the city is one of the few in the US that has many events taking place 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is a constant draw for those looking for adventure, and many of these drivers are not necessarily worrying about the rules of the road and common courtesy. As evidenced by the nick name "Sin City" and the new slogan of "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," the environment does not encourage individuals to follow the rules and norms of civilized life. Many drivers who would normally follow the rules of the road may be enticed to drive more aggressively and carelessly because they have no fear of reprisal. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or injured because of the behavior of another driver, call Bernstein & Poisson for a consultation today and let us help you understand your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.