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Symptoms and Causes of Whiplash

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when the head suddenly moves backwards and then forwards. The similarity to the movement of a cracking whip gives this injury its name. It is when a driver rear-ends another vehicle. The victim in the front car is propelled forward and backward, stretching the muscles and tendons of the neck. Whiplash symptoms can range from mild to severe pain. It usually takes a few weeks to recover from the effects of whiplash, but in some cases a chronic pain can develop.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Symptoms of whiplash tend to develop within 24 hours of an injury. Victims may start to feel headaches that are especially prevalent at the base of the skull, or start to feel pain and stiffness in the lower back. This may be accompanied by bouts of dizziness and blurred vision. Victims may also start to feel incredibly weak and suffer from fatigue. If you believe you are suffering from these symptoms, it is always important to visit a doctor to find out whether you are suffering from whiplash or not. Some people find that they have difficulty concentrating over a sustained period of time when suffering from whiplash. Others start to develop memory problems and have trouble recalling facts about the incident. Victims may also suffer ringing in the ears and become irritable at a moment’s notice. See a doctor if you feel pain spreading to your shoulders and arms as these can be signs that whiplash is becoming a serious health issue. You should also be concerned if the pain suddenly heightens or you experience numbness and tingling in your arms.

Causes of Whiplash

Any scenario where the head is thrown backwards and forwards which results in straining of the neck muscles can be considered a cause of whiplash. The most common cause of whiplash is a rear-end collision. Physical abuse, such as punching or shaking, can leave the neck with damage. Contact sports such as football can lead to impacts that result in whiplash injury. Although the NFL and college football teams are doing more to make football safer, head injuries are still commonplace. Neck injury is one of the most common reasons to visit a doctor. Contact Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas if you have suffered from whiplash and book a free consultation now to discuss your case.