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Woman Charged With DUI after Crashing Into Motel

dui-accident-lawyersDriving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and can often lead to severe consequences. You may be unaware of your actions but still cause damage to property and life. One Carson City resident is now facing DUI charges related to an accident in which she crashed into a motel. Laura Reese-Dauer, 23, faces charges of first offense drug-related DUI that could result in a jail sentence of between two days and sixth months after crashing her car into the side of the motel. A witness reports that Reese-Dauer failed to stay in her lane while driving in traffic and was weaving when she crossed the junction at Carson Road and Frontage Road. She then lost control of the car and veered off the road, crashing through a fence and into the parking lot of the motel. Officers were called to the incident in the 2800 block of South Carson Street and made the arrest. The driver was charged with parole violation and three misdemeanour charges which included driving under the influence of drugs. She did not severely injure herself or anyone within the building. The woman initially claimed that she was driving along Carson Road and had fallen asleep at the wheel. According to her story, she was startled when she awoke and in her panic slammed down the gas pedal instead of the brake, leading her to crash into the motel. Police found her speaking slowly and she appeared disorientated while slurring her words. The arrest report also states that her eyes were dilated. Reese-Dauer agreed to take part in field sobriety tests, which include the officer assessing the driver's ability to be able to walk in a straight line and keep his or her balance. She allegedly failed two out of the four tests given to her. When Nevada State Highway Troopers arrived they had a strong suspicion that she was under the influence of narcotics and arrested her. Later it was found that she had been on probation at the time of the crash.

DUI Accidents and Injuries Can Be Complicated

While it is very easy to understand that a driver who breaks the law and drives under the influence of drugs is liable for damages caused by his or her actions, it is harder to put this knowledge into practice. Many DUI accident cases become extremely complicated because the driver has no insurance and no assets. This does not mean that the victim cannot collect, however. There may be third parties who are liable as well as the victim's own insurance company. Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas is ready to help DUI accident victims claim the compensation they deserve. Call today for a free consultation.