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Father Runs Over Toddler in Driveway Accident

Tragedy struck a north Las Vegas neighborhood when a toddler was struck and killed in her driveway by her own father, according to recent reports. The unidentified 23-month-old girl died at the University Medical Center after she was struck by a pickup truck. Family members stated that the father and family did not realize that the child was outside when he got into his truck. The incident has been deemed an accident by investigators, so no charges will be filed.

The Tragedy of Childhood Pedestrian Accidents

It is hard to imagine a more painful reality than a parent who is responsible for hitting and killing their own child. However, thousands of children every year are victims of "backover" accidents, defined as an accident that takes place at very low speed, usually in a private driveway, in which a parent or family member backs over a child. According to, there is a huge blind spot behind most vehicles, and this blind spot often grows in proportion to the size of the vehicle. SUVs and trucks are particularly dangerous, although even the blind spot behind a small sedan can hide a child easily. It is almost impossible for a driver to see in this area, so it is very easy for a tragedy to occur if drivers are not completely aware of children in their surroundings. Backup cameras may solve some of the issues regarding child backover accidents. Backup cameras have been shown to increase a driver's awareness of his or her surroundings significantly, particularly if a small child passes behind the car that would not be seen by the driver.

Is Anyone At Fault?

If someone else hits a child with a car, it is possible that the driver may be held liable for the injuries. Even if the driver did not intend to hit the child, there may be legal liability on his or her part. However, whether the family chooses to file a lawsuit in such a case is often determined by the relationship between the driver and the child. If the driver is a stranger, it is much easier for most people to justify a lawsuit than if the driver is a family member or close friend. If you have questions about backover or any other type of car accidents, contact the attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. We are ready to help you with your car accident case.