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High Winds Cause Multiple Turnovers on Nevada Highways

High winds resulted in numerous turnovers of large trucks on highways in Nevada and Utah, according to recent reports. At least eight semis overturned or were involved in accidents on Interstate 80, with several cargo loads dumped into the road and shutting down the eastbound lanes briefly.

In one case, a 17-vehicle pileup killed one person and injured at least 16 others on the highway in Utah. At least six semis and 11 passenger vehicles were involved in the Toole County crash.

Gusts up to 70 miles per hour swept across the region, rerouting planes and causing widespread power outages. The winds were part of a strong spring storm system that combined with a strong Santa Ana wind system moving across southern California. The winds also fueled a 185-acre wildfire northwest of Reno.

Weather Conditions and Road Accidents

While no one can control the weather, road accidents that take place because of weather conditions may also include human error and negligence. In many cases in which someone is hurt in an accident, bad weather is combined with speed or other human factors to lead to injuries for others. Weather conditions often set the stage for a dangerous accident, even if human error is the ultimate cause. A few weather conditions in which drivers should be aware of potential danger include:
  • Ice accounts for a number of winter car crashes when drivers lose control on slippery roads. Ice reduces the coefficient of friction of the road surface, making a skid much more likely. Drivers should slow down considerably or avoid driving altogether in icy conditions.
  • Just like ice, rain can make the roads slippery. It can also reduce visibility, making it more likely that a driver will rear-end another car or hit a stationary object.
  • Many people are involved in fog-related accidents due to reduced visibility. Drivers should leave their lights on and slow down when driving in fog, or wait for the fog to lift before getting on the road.
  • High winds are responsible for a number of accidents due to objects blowing into the road. Wind can also overturn high, boxy vehicles like large trucks due to their unique center of gravity.
If you have been the victim of an accident that involves bad weather conditions, it is possible that the at-fault party may try to blame the weather for the crash. Contact an attorney like those at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas to help you protect your rights and recover compensation for your injuries.