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Motorcyclist Killed in Route 160 Crash

A motorcyclist died in a single-vehicle crash near Potosi Mountain, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol's report. Dickie Chavez, 43, was killed when he crashed his Yamaha motorcycle on State Route 160 near Mountain Springs.

The motorcycle apparently left the lane in which Chavez was traveling and drifted onto a paved shoulder. The rider was ejected and died at the scene. An investigation into the cause of the crash continues.

What Does An Accident Reconstruction Expert Do?

In cases in which there are no witnesses to a motorcycle accident or in which the evidence surrounding the crash seems to be in conflict, it may be beneficial to have the help of an accident reconstruction expert. These professionals look at all the evidence from the case and use technology and scientific methods to reconstruct what actually happened leading up to the crash.

Accident reconstruction usually starts when the police investigate the scene of the crash. They note things like skid marks and take witness statements as to the events surrounding the accident. However, the police do not always have enough evidence to draw conclusions about the crash.

In some cases, the visible evidence and conflicting witness statements may even lead to erroneous conclusions. An accident reconstruction expert has more technology available than the average police department, as well as a good deal of experience in handling accident investigations.

Accident reconstruction experts may consider:

  • Witness statements. Witnesses are still a good source of information about a crash. However, an accident reconstruction expert helps sift the witness reactions and compare statements to the physical evidence to determine which witnesses are most accurate in their recollections. It is not unusual for several witnesses to the same accident to give conflicting testimony, so an accident reconstruction expert helps sort the conflicts and arrive at the truth.
  • Physical evidence. There is often an abundance of physical evidence at any crash scene, and an accident reconstruction expert takes the time to piece this evidence together using the latest technology.
  • Victim recollections. If the victim survives the crash, the accident reconstruction expert may interview him or her for more information.
Ultimately, an accident reconstruction expert may be asked to give expert testimony in a lawsuit. Attorneys often hire accident reconstruction experts in order to provide further proof supporting their clients' cases. If you are facing the expense of injuries caused by a negligent driver, contact Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas today.