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Infant Ejected from Vehicle During Las Vegas Crash

infant ejected crashA one-year-old was ejected from a vehicle during a two-car collision in Las Vegas, according to recent reports. The baby was transported to UMC and was conscious at the time; no further reports are available on the child's condition. The crash took place on West Lake Mead Boulevard and Rock Springs drive. It is unclear at this point if the child was restrained in a safety seat at the time of the crash.

Car Seats Save Infant Lives

Car seats are critical to saving children's lives in accidents, and Nevada has laws in place to require parents to use them. Children younger than six or who weigh less than 60 pounds must ride in approved car seats; parents who do not follow these rules may lose their licenses or face fines and other penalties. Experts suggest putting children in the back seat in order to minimize danger to them, especially if the front seat contains passenger side air bags. Infants have been injured and even killed when their car seats are hit by air bags. Car seats should face backwards until children are able to sit upright with the car seat as a "booster," at which time it can be turned to face the front. Car seats have been shown to drastically reduce infant mortality in car crashes. Of the 495 car-crash fatalities for children under five in 2004, 173 or 35 percent were totally unrestrained. Experts estimate that 413 children's lives were saved during that same time period by the proper use of safety restraints. About 71 percent of infant deaths and 54 percent of toddler deaths in car crashes could be prevented with the use of safety seats.

What Should I Do If My Infant Is Injured?

Children under the age of 18 are not legally allowed to file lawsuits. Their parents must do this on their behalf. If your son or daughter has been injured due to the negligent actions of another driver, you may wish to consider taking action against the at-fault party on behalf of your child. The attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas are here to help. With sensitivity and compassion, these experienced personal injury attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your child's injuries from the person who caused them. Contact us today for more information of filing and pursuing a personal injury claim on behalf of your child.